Free E-Book: Saint Immanuel Good, Martyr: A Bilingual Book in Spanish and English

Cover 33 smallSaint Immanuel Good, Martyr (originally, San Manuel Bueno, Mártir) is a novel written by Miguel de Unamuno in Spanish, and first published in 1931. The present book was set up with a bilingual format. A series of text segments is presented. A Spanish text segment (one or more sentences) is presented and followed by the English translation of the segment. This pattern is reversed in the Introduction, which was written in English and translated into Spanish.

In the novel, Don Immanuel Good is a priest who compassionately takes care of his parishioners, as any good priest would. However, Don Immanuel has a secret that he shares with only a few people, a secret that will torment him throughout his life.

Saint Immanuel Good Martyr (PDF)
Saint Immanuel Good Martyr (epub)

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