Free E-Book: Life, Entropy, and the End of the World: An Optimistic View of the Future

Life Entropy and the End of the AgeEntropy is a scientific idea, but it has entered the vernacular and continues to be an intriguing and mystifying idea. Entropy is commonly referred to as disorder, and it seems to keep increasing while we are looking the other way. Is entropy the final enemy of all our aspirations? Will we succumb to personal death and assume room temperature, while our civilization faces ruin, and all life in the universe confronts final extinction? This essay explores the idea of entropy as it relates to uniformity and oneness, and as it relates to the end of the world (i.e., the purpose as well as the termination of the world), and turns the normal negative view of entropy on its head. This essay also provides a worldview that differs from most of the scientific and religious worldviews of our day. Although you will probably not agree with everything in this essay, the ideas within it could stretch your mind and encourage you to reconsider your views on life and the universe.
Life, Entropy, and the End of the World (PDF)
Life, Entropy, and the End of the World (mobi ebook, Kindle)

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