Free E-Book: Beyond the Discontinuity: From an Age of Ignorance to an Age of Newness

bookcoverBTDThe author refers to the present age as an “age of ignorance,” the next age as an “age of newness,” and the time between the two ages as a “discontinuity” (also known as the Great Tribulation). The word “discontinuity” is used because a drastic change in living conditions will occur during the transition from this age to the next.

In the first part of his book, “Basic Ideas,” the author discusses some fundamental philosophical ideas. He introduces the idea that “the universe does not repeat itself” and explains some of the results of this idea. In the second part of his book, “Views,” he discusses the principal terms, people, and events relating to the “age of ignorance,” the “discontinuity,” and the “age of newness.” In the third part of his book, “Questions,” he addresses certain life issues–including relationships, loneliness, and human nature–in an open-ended, speculative way.
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