Free E-Book: An Eternal Spring: Poems Inspired by A Course in Miracles

bookcoverAESThis book includes 9 poems that deal with ideas from A Course in Miracles and 10 poems about other topics. The poems are comprised of rhymed couplets. The poems include: “An Eternal Spring,” which is about forgiveness and the lack of forgiveness, “Miracles,” which puts into verse the 50 miracle principles of A Course in Miracles, “In This Human Frame,” which is about life in a body, “Other People,” which discusses the heaven and hell of relationships, “The New Covenant,” which describes God’s new covenant with humans, and 14 more poems.

From the poem “An Eternal Spring”: “Since you taught yourself that sin is real / Teach yourself forgiveness in order to heal / For forgiveness is used to undo / All errors and make your life new.”

From the poem “Miracles”: “A miracle may be hidden but never is lost / You might not know whose path it has crossed / A miracle may reach out to countless men / Though you may not know how, where, or when.”
An Eternal Spring (mobi, Kindle ebook)
An Eternal Spring (epub)

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