This website includes my writings (in the form of books, poems, and essays), my software, and some Spanish translations of my poems and essays.

My writings are influenced by many things, including the Bible, A Course in Miracles, and my experiences in the world. Lately, my main source of learning is the metaphysical book A Course in Miracles (which is available in English and many other languages here). This book contains a complete and consistent worldview, and it teaches that forgiveness (or the overlooking of unreal mistakes) is the way to happiness.

My books can be found at Amazon and at other locations on the internet.

My poems are mainly composed of couplets, but there are some exceptions. The poems cover a range of topics, including society (factory work and homelessness), politics (conspiracies and fascism), religion (Bible prophecy and the Beatitudes), spirituality (heaven and salvation), and relationships (love and forgiveness).

My essays were primarily influenced by the Bible and by A Course in Miracles.

I have translated more than a dozen of my poems into Spanish. I am grateful for the help of Javier, a friend who helped to correct the translations.