The First and the Last

This poem’s form is prescribed by the “First & Last Form.”

The First and the Last is for real
He takes all our sorrow to heal
Feeds thousands a miracle meal
Walks on the water in a storm
Is baptized with a dove’s white form

Passes through each city and town
Makes the unclean spirits all drown
Is mocked with a sharp thorny crown
The world, He did come to reform
All His works, real love did inform

He taught everyone to repent
To become, with our lot, content
To overcome our foe’s torment
He put Satan under His heel
The First and the Last is for real

“First & Last Form”
There are 15 lines, 5 lines per stanza.
This is the rhyme scheme: Aaabb cccbb dddaA
There are 8 syllables per line.
The first and last lines in the poem are the same.
There are only 4 different rhyming sounds (a-d).