From Light to Light – Revised

The Light
There is a light that embraces all things,
And carries all people in gentle wings;
It is intelligent, loving, and warm,
And there are numberless beings that swarm
Within its peaceful and welcoming mien;
It cannot, with the body’s eyes, be seen;
And this light can never be sensed or viewed
While estranged beings have oneness eschewed;
There is no stranger thrown to the outside,
And no being can within the light hide;
For the pure light has no shadows or shades,
And within there are no degrees or grades;
The light knows everything that does exist,
And no one can the light wholly resist;
For everything made is light eternal,
And each light knows its brothers fraternal,
The light has a sense of humor sublime,
Which nothing can weaken–not even time;
This is not a joy that mocks anyone–
It is a joy that includes everyone;
It lifts all to higher levels of light,
And these levels have no limits in height.

The Darkness
Can you feel the guilt, fear, and angst inside?
Do you feel that goodness and hope have died?
Your enemies are all you ever see,
And the dangers tell you to fight or flee;
No one cares about your safety or health;
Everyone tries to stab your back with stealth;
Your friends and family have private ends;
Each has money that he hoards and defends;
They really think they would be better off,
If all other people they could knock off;
People only share to get something back;
When they don’t get it, they quickly attack;
Greed is the norm, and giving is a joke,
And people compete so they don’t go broke;
They are afraid to escape this nightmare;
To leave this wicked world, they do not dare;
But what people don’t seem to realize
Is that nothing that lives ever just dies;
And if they so choose, they can fly away,
And easily escape without delay;
But if there is disorder in their mind
They might not leave it all quickly behind;
Before they can hear the call of the light,
They must leave their guilt, and the fear of night.

The Return to the Light
How can any person who fears the light
Encounter within it lasting delight?
He must learn that light’s one reality
Is to shine without partiality;
He must learn that only loving thoughts last;
All else will fade into the distant past;
He must into his fearful mind invite
Only the all-encompassing light;
While guilt and fear still have some attraction,
The darkness will create a distraction;
But when he sees that he’s wholly guiltless,
He will love all beings, and only bless;
Forgiveness will rest with a true blessing
On all those whom guilt had been oppressing;
And a thought reversal will be produced,
And all of the false judgments will be loosed;
Pardon will let all people recover,
And people will not attack each other;
And all that people will see is pure light,
And people will never return to night;
Joy and gladness will increase without end,
As oneness does all divisions transcend.