Chaos Isn’t King

This poem says that there is only one will–God’s will–and that sin (opposition to God’s will) is only a temporary mistake in the world of illusion. Mistakes should not be punished but gently corrected.

If God does reign with power, truth, and light,
Then nothing real can overcome his might;
If we believe God’s will has been suppressed,
And some other will has His will oppressed,
Then truly God does not exist as Lord,
And He should not be worshiped or adored;
If we could truly overcome His will,
Then chaos would become a bitter pill,
And oneness would become a cruel joke,
And hope would vanish into wisps of smoke;
But, really, only one will does exist,
And this one will is what we can’t resist;
When we suppose that we have thrown it down,
That we have taken all His strength and crown,
We only need to know that we are wrong,
And can’t live in this dream world for too long,
And we must know that chaos isn’t king,
For only dreams can make disorder sting;
If dreams were real, then sinners would be king,
And death would be what all the poets sing;
For sin calls for the death of God on high,
And killers soon would feel the need to die;
For who could kill God and His holy will,
And feel like he should go on living still?
But if the thought of sin is just an error,
Then there’s no need at all to live in terror;
For errors are what a mind thinks when alone;
To God, illusions always are unknown;
So, even though we think that we are right
To think we can put out the holy light,
Our thoughts of sin in time do not affect
Eternal life, with which we can connect;
For God is love, and God does still receive
His Son, when he does truth and light perceive;
And never will God’s son be left outside,
For when his tears are wiped away and dried,
He’ll see there was no need at all to hide;
Soon after will His love and joy abide
Within His Son, when he discards his pride;
A grave and hopeless problem, sin did seem,
Until the Son awakened from his dream.