The Three Views

This poem is a Shakespearean sonnet about believers, atheists, and agnostics.

Believers tell us daily, “God is there,”
Although no one has proved that he exists;
Their only weakness is that they’re aware
That doubt and worry in their minds persists.

The atheists do tell us, “God is not;
Forget the fairy stories you believe;
We must remove, from earth, all of this rot;
Your pastors, priests, and teachers do deceive.”

Agnostics freely tell us, “God may be;
However, we are not, like you, so sure;
We will not judge the matter till we see,
Until the thoughts we think become mature.”

Of these, how can I know which view to trust?
I will believe my life comes not from dust.

[The Kansas song says that we are “Dust In The Wind,” but maybe we are really wind (spirit) in the dust.]