The Choice

This poem was initially titled “A Few Cans Of Food And Some Bottles Of Water.” I have revised and improved it.

Some cans of food and some jugs of water
You’ve got a gun and a garden out back
A way to save your wife, son, and daughter
In your wilderness one-room lean-to shack

Dark clouds above have warned you of doom
Hidden in some place is your ammo stash
You sit anxiously in your single room
As you wait for the coming thunder crash

How did you arrive at this desperate place?
You’re with your family but you’re alone
You quit your job and the city rat race
And settled in this place to be unknown

Many other men have followed your lead
Although they may still live in the cities
They desire their families to feed
And they have formed survival committees

But above the fear and desperation
A voice cries out and calls for attention:
“When the world has come to desolation,
What will happen to your life extension?

“You know that all people finally die
Shouldn’t you prep for death rather than life?
Eternity is what the wise ones spy
You can’t save yourself, let alone your wife

“Your mind is what will be shortly revealed
When you leave behind your flesh and the earth
Have you attacked people or have you healed?
What is your actual value and worth?

“Don’t be distracted by trying to save
The few belongings that you now cherish
Don’t worry about them or be their slave
For your possessions will all soon perish

“But if you learn to love your hated foes
Your heart will expand and even grow warm
Love will follow your soul wherever it goes
And serenity will be your new norm

“Look at all of those rusting cans of food
Can you tell me what they represented?
I want to tell you without sounding rude
But those cans are what your fear invented

“Release your fear and share your inner wealth
Don’t be so selfish and ego-centered
Giving ensures people’s wholeness and health
When your love has your neighbor’s heart entered

“This is the choice that you all have to make
You can die with feelings of fear and pain
Or you can allow your to heart awake
And leave this world with eternal gain”