The Amazing Reversible World

This poem describes our path from a world of false perception and attack to a world of true perception and forgiveness. Finally, we will return to a heaven of perfect knowledge and love. These ideas come from the book A Course in Miracles.

The world was made by the thought
That separation should be sought
The world is an attempt to attack
Our Father, and to live with lack

This false world was first conceived
When illusions were perceived
Our illusions told us we had sinned
And our enemy silently grinned

But false perception can be reversed
Pardon can restore what had been cursed
Poison can turn into a balm
And violence can become calm

To make our frightened mind sane
To remove our guilt and pain
We only need to fulfill one role
Our pardon can make the world whole

By overlooking each mistake
Our mind can heal as we awake
And the world, made by false perceptions
Will no longer maintain deceptions

When one being has finished learning
When his guilt and fear have stopped churning
When his false judgments have ceased burning
Then true sight will start returning

And when our perception flips around
What we see will completely astound
We will not see witnesses of fear
Instead, all beings will come near

Joy will increase in all directions
As beings restore their connections
And all of the former enemies
Will release their long-held enmities

When the world has been reversed
Life will proceed unrehearsed
Love will be the ubiquitous air
And all children will receive good care

No one will be left out in the cold
Everyone will find someone to hold
For love can have no meaning true
Unless it spreads the whole world through

But this new world will soon be classed
With all perception and be surpassed
For then we will enter God’s heart
Where knowledge lives and cannot part

In heaven we will have no doubts or pain
For true knowledge makes everything plain
And our Self of love we will extend
As our Father creates without end