My Thoughts Are The Shots

A little lesson about perception.

If my thoughts are the shots that hurt me
Then we should learn it good and agree
That your act was a fact
But the tact that it lacked
Was what I did supply and did see

In plain English: “Nothing can hurt me but my own thoughts.” In other words, no matter what you do, it is my reaction to your act that determines what I will feel. It is a radical idea. We usually think that we are helpless victims of other people’s actions. No matter what you do, I can interpret your act as being tactless or cruel, or I can interpret your act as a cry for help or love, though it may be a desperate or incoherent cry.

This is a Limerick with the traditional rhyme scheme and meter. It has the rhyme scheme aabba. It has three lines (lines one, two, and five) of anapestic trimeter and two lines (lines three and four) of anapestic dimeter. An anapestic foot is simply two unaccented syllables followed by one accented syllable. (One-syllable words can be stressed or not, depending on how they are read.) Anapestic trimeter means that the line has three anapestic feet (nine syllables) and anapestic dimeter means that the line has two anapestic feet (six syllables). I have underlined the syllables that should be read with an accent/stress. The anapestic meter is said to have a galloping rhythm. (The rhymes within the lines are simply a bonus. I spent more time than usual writing this Limerick.)