The Age Of Innocence

When we look around at all the others
And fail to see them as our brothers
We maintain the unhappy status quo
And hold firmly to our fear and woe

What is it that keeps the world mired in fear
And will not allow real love to come near?
It is the belief that our guilt is real
And that pain is what we should justly feel

We suppress our joy, make guilt the king
And blame ourselves for everything
Like martyrs, we think we can earn some good
By bearing the pain as a strong man would

But now a voice comes from out of the blue
“Nothing in the world that you did or do
And nothing that happens under the sun
Has an effect that cannot be undone

“For this world that you hear, touch, and see
Is but a dream, and not eternity
And just as in a dream, nothing is real
Although, with senses, you can see and feel

“In this dream world, as in your sleeping dreams
For a time, real and true is what it seems
But when you awaken from reveries
Your guilt will go, with all that it carries

“But before you enter eternity
You will create a strong fraternity
You will bring your brothers in from the night
So they can see everything in a new light

“You will learn that innocence is yours
And this idea will open all doors
You won’t see any being as guilty
So you won’t punish anyone you see

“And the freedom you gain from guilt and blame
Will spread to others like a joyful flame
And there will be no limit to the speed
With which all beings from guilt are freed

“After all beings see in a new way
There will be no need for night and day
For time and space merely existed
While your awakening was resisted

“Having wandered for an eon’s length,
You will learn that innocence is strength
And God will take the last step in your return
And bring you home, where love shall ever burn”