This Time Around

This poem is about the current age and the next age on earth.

This time around
We don’t see eye to eye
This time around
We are afraid to die

This time around
We walk divergent roads
This time around
We have different codes

This time around
The righteous people hide
This time around
The wicked show their pride

This time around
What we make turns to rust
This time around
The righteous live by trust

This time around
We judge each other’s sins
This time around
Nobody really wins

But when our faith has been justified
And the whole earth has been purified
We will see each other in a new light
And we will no longer want to fight
And each being who comes to this earth
Will be blessed on account of his birth
For on the earth, all will be healed
By a love that cannot be concealed

And the eons of time lived in hate
Will be abandoned like a dead weight
And when one is ready to ascend
The Creator will his hand extend
And bring that one into heaven’s peace
Where love does reign and time does cease

So, next time around, we will learn
That judging is not our concern
For healing comes in pardon’s wake
And all will be healed as we awake
Peace and love have no limits or end
They only grow when we join our friend
In the goal of a timeless reunion
When all are linked by the bond of union