The Problem and the Solution: How to Help Save the World

When we look at the world around us, there seem to be many and diverse problems and disorders. However, there is only one problem, and only one solution. Although the problem can seem to have diverse results, the problem is that we believe that we are sinful and guilty. All of the problems and disorders in the world come from this thought. Since we made this world with the thought of guilt, the world as we know it will end with the thought of forgiveness. Because what we really are has nothing to do with dense bodies and gross material things, we will continue to exist when these things have dissolved and are no more.

Our mind is as pure and as holy as God’s mind, but now we are dreaming of sin and guilt. When we wake up from this nightmare, we will realize that we never left our holy reality. We might ask, “How did the idea of sin enter a holy mind?” However, this question assumes that the idea of sin and the world that it produced are real. They are not real. Only thoughts of love that are shared with God are real.

When we accepted the unreal, insane idea that we are sinful and guilty, we became afraid of God, and we thus made a world where we believed our Creator could not enter. God is a God of unity, oneness, and complete communication. The world that we made to try to escape from God is a world of disunity, separation, and lack of real communication. In our nightmare, God and love cannot enter. However, our nightmare is not real, and our true state and reality continue unchanged and unchanging.

In our nightmare, we perpetuate a vicious cycle of guilt and attack. Because we feel guilty and sinful, we put on a brave face and attempt to hide our imagined sin from others. As we try to hide our sin, we attack others who might try to communicate with us and uncover our “sin.” And when we attack others, we believe that our attack is real and has produced real results. Then we feel guilty for our attack and we try to hide it again somehow. So, our vicious cycle leads from guilt to disruption of communication and attack, to guilt, attack, guilt, attack, and the misery of more guilt.

To exit this cycle of guilt and attack, we need to realize that reality cannot be threatened or destroyed. We are eternal spirit, and our reality transcends the physical world. The only way that we can suffer is when we believe that we are guilty. However, these feelings of guilt are unjustifiable because we cannot and have not destroyed reality. We can believe we have destroyed reality, and as long as we believe that, forgiveness will be needed. Forgiveness is not needed in reality, but it is needed as long as we feel guilty, and as long as we judge and condemn ourselves and others.

To forgive is to overlook unloving thoughts, or to cease to believe in sin. Forgiveness is completely justified simply because guilt is not. Sin is an illusion. Guilt is unjustifiable in any form. To help save the world, we need only to remember to practice forgiveness in every situation. We might forget and we might condemn ourselves again and again, but eventually, we will learn that we gain nothing by punishing ourselves or others. What we want is love, joy, and peace, and we cannot have these things while the belief in guilt produces pain within us. When will we reverse our thinking from guilt and attack to forgiveness and blessing? Perhaps today? As soon as we have made the decision to forgive each and every “sin,” we will no longer fear real communication, and we will know the oneness that is our reality.

[Note: The ideas in this essay are a condensation and summary of the ideas in the book A Course in Miracles.]