The Ego and the Attraction of Death

What would you see without the fear of death? What would you feel and think if death held no attraction for you? Very simply, you would remember your Father. The Creator of life, the Source of everything that lives…
–A Course in Miracles

The ego self that we made in night
Has blocked our self of love from sight
The ego has for us a single goal
To break in pieces the living whole
The ego thinks that it can live alone
And find strength by being on its own
But the ego is just a deception
Maintained by our faulty perception
For reality is defined by union
And our joy comes from full communion
But we believe that our separation
Gives to our life some consolation
We are afraid that to join the whole
Would be to lose our cherished soul
But our life has no meaning alone
As all of our wandering has shown
We believe that our bodily shell
Can protect us and keep us from hell
But the opposite is really true
Without the body, all would be new
But when we find that the body cannot keep
Us separated and keep us asleep
Death offers its enduring appeal
It claims that we never need heal
We believe that our death can shatter
Our life, breath, mind, and matter
And keep us forever safely protected
From all things that would make us connected
For some, it has become a final hope
That death will provide an eternal dope
To obliterate their self-hatred and pain
For, to them, death’s sleep seems to be a gain
But, alas! death has no power
To grant them sleep at their dark hour
For the mind goes on, and pain attends
Those who have not pardoned all their friends
So they must find a way to clean their mind
By forgiving themselves and all of mankind
For when they forgive and choose to overlook
All sins they have recorded in their mind’s book
They will no longer fear to see their own face
For their real self will take the ego’s old place
And they will be glad that death does not exist
And that their real self did always persist
For death and sleep will lose their attraction
And will no longer be a distraction
For life and wakefulness is our fate
And those who know that this is their state
Do not fear what the future may hold
But they love and forgive, for they are bold
The forgiven do not fear to leave their shell
For the struggle to keep it only makes hell
And what they teach others on their way
Shows them that they need not fear the day
That they will awaken, for then they will see
That when all is forgiven, they will walk free