Atonement Without Sacrifice

This poem was inspired by the section called “Atonement without Sacrifice” in the book A Course in Miracles.

Concerning the atonement
We must practice discernment
The atonement is a concept
Into which some errors have crept
In order to have consistent perception
We must eradicate all our deception
The idea that we must assess
Is one that Christians often stress
It is the concept that sacrifice
Is a means to enter paradise
This backwards view of atonement
Is completely out of alignment
Jesus did not come to teach us
That God could only reach us
If one were punished for our sins
By a suffering that never ends
For the whole concept of retribution
Is only a human contribution
God does not keep a record of the deeds
Of the fearful sinner as he pleads
So if God does not rage when he sees us
Would he punish in our place Jesus?
Jesus taught us to be merciful
For God’s mercy is more plentiful
Can anyone really believe
That a person should receive
Punishment from a merciful God
Unless God were a two-faced fraud?
If God is not someone we can trust
Then all our hope will turn to dust
But if we have been mistaken
If Jesus was not forsaken
Then our views can be corrected
By the truth, which is not affected
The truth will outlast all our illusions
Our mistakes, and all other intrusions
But we will not perceive correctly
Until we face the truth directly
The resurrection of Jesus proved
That the truth cannot be killed or moved
Jesus’ resurrection from the dead
Confirmed everything that he had said
He said that life was eternal and God was love
And that we needn’t fear his power from above
The atonement was founded on life
It was not established on death’s knife
Death, sacrifice, and crucifixion
Are all imaginary fiction
For life and death cannot both be true
When the light of life shines, death is through