When The Veil Is Removed From Our Eyes

And on this mountain He will swallow up the covering which is over all peoples, Even the veil which is stretched over all nations. (Isaiah 25:7 NASB)

When the veil is removed from our eyes
What could we experience but surprise?

All these worldly worries and troubles
Will disappear like shiny bubbles
For all that now seems solid and real
Only serves to hide and conceal
Reality from our slumbering face
As we dream of worlds in time and place

What seems real now is only a shade
It’s a sign of the price we have paid
For living so long in the dark cracks
Like bugs that scamper and leave no tracks
And, like these insects, we hide in fear
Afraid that the bright light will appear

But in the light we will our Self find
A Self that has been fully designed
To be experienced as one whole being
A Self that we have for years been fleeing
A Self that we can’t even describe
For words only serve to circumscribe

Our Self must be God-like and divine
God’s thoughts must also in our minds shine
Or we would be forever unknown
And unknowing of what is God’s own
God’s mind can only know what is in it
And, as His creatures, we are in it

How great will our gratitude be
When we embrace the One we did flee?
How strong will our love of union grow
When we leave our dreams for what we know?
How much joy will enter our revived heart
When the Whole has welcomed every part?

Our Self cherishes love, faith, and hope
Now, our faith and hope do help us cope
Faith helps us bridge the chasm of fear
And hope is what we all need to hear
But love is the purpose and the goal
What we seek to make ourselves whole

When the veil is removed from our eyes
What could we experience but surprise?
What could we feel but the joy of living
When the whole world is always forgiving?
What could we see but witnesses of love
That bring His presence to us from above?