The Cat And The Mouse

Once there lived a cat and a mouse
In an average suburban house

The cat got his meals every day
Even when the owners were away

The cat had nothing to worry about
But there was something he was without

He felt alone, even with clever mankind
For his owners could not understand his mind

So the cat felt lonely and without a peer
For there was only one other animal near

The mouse had to scavenge for every meal
And run and hide whenever the women squeal

He fears every moving being
And is always their sight fleeing

The cat knows he’s the master
And that he can run faster

And the cat knows that he is duty bound
To chase and kill every mouse that’s around

But the cat has had enough of killing
And to chase, he is no longer willing

Every time he does a mouse kill
He gets less and less of a thrill

And he thinks, “I would rather have a friend
Than see the life of this last mouse end”

So he waits for the mouse to come out
Of his hole, and step gently about

But the mouse smells the cat waiting
And he thinks, “He is only baiting”

After several nights without seeing the mouse
The cat walks back and forth through the house

The cat thinks, “I need a friend
But this mouse does not comprehend

That my intentions are good
He has not understood”

Then the cat had a new thought
And to the mouse’s hole some food brought

But the mouse would not go outside
And continued from the cat to hide

But then the mouse had nothing to eat
He wondered if he should take the treat

“Is it better to starve in this place
Or take the risk of death and disgrace?”

But then he thought, “For countless years
Cats and mice have fought, it appears

But perhaps this cat is not the same
Maybe he has given up the game”

So, one night, the mouse came out
For the food and sniffed about

He smelled the cat, and saw the food
When he took the crumb, the cat just mewed

Then the mouse thought, “Is this really true?
Can this cat shun what he was raised to do?”

Although the cat could not speak
He won the mouse’s trust after a week

And now these enemies are friends
And the mouse has joy that never ends

For he has forgiven the cat for killing his kin
And the cat also feels that it is a win-win

For he has a friend who understands him
And he feels relief for being forgiven

And maybe someday the owners
Will no longer be loners

When they see the cat and mouse playing
Maybe they will also cease their slaying

And by the example of these two friends
Also find a joy that never ends