If Loss Were Real

If loss were real anywhere
Then life would be unfair
If loss were really the truth
Then despair would end our youth

Wake up
Death cannot take what is eternal

If we put our hope in rotting skin
Then no one can ever hope to win
For death will take away all our hope
And we must deny this death to cope

You want to live forever in your child’s mind
You think you will, in this way, eternity find
But the reality is much better than this
For when our minds join, no one will we miss

While we value loss and separation
We’ll return to this world of degradation
But it would take only an instant of desire
To leave this world and to rise higher and higher

How long will we believe in losing?
This belief is of our own choosing
But loss is not compatible with God’s will
He desires our lives with joy to fill

How long will we believe that loss is true?
How long will we believe that pain is our due?
How long until we accept love and grace?
How long until we welcome God’s embrace?

This world is old and worn!
A new world wants to be born!
Don’t join all of the cowardly beasts!
God’s preparing the greatest of feasts!