A Different Kind of Music

The pianist pounds the keys
And plays the notes he sees
The sheet music does dictate
The song’s sound, tone, and rate
The drum regularly beats
As the public sits in their seats

A man gently taps his feet
On the unyielding concrete
His neighbor asks him to cease
So he can listen in peace
The audiophile cannot stand
To hear any sounds unplanned

The public gets what they paid for
A classically performed score
Is this what music was meant to be?
Something regular and orderly?
Even jazz becomes stale and old
When it is recorded and sold

Our music is an empty echo
Of how ancient music did flow
From the hearts of men in praise
Of their blessed Creator’s ways
Music was not a lifeless coal
It was the very blood of our soul

Real music is always a blessing
A melody that brings refreshing
A harmony that truly heals
A joyful sound that everyone feels
A concert that is never boring
A symphony that keeps on soaring

When creation begins to unite
And gives up the desire to fight
Harmony will be the new norm
And this world will truly transform
And music won’t be a private thing
For the whole world will begin to sing

Every part of creation will send
Its own melody to the world’s end
And each part of the universe
Will not attempt to rehearse
For life is not about performing
But about constantly transforming

When our wills are joined in unity
We will experience a harmony
That cannot be written discretely
For all the notes will join sweetly
And no one will resist the urge
To join the new song that will emerge