Reality and Forgiveness

If we consider bodies and physical things to be real, then all of our forgiveness is useless because all physical things will dissolve and all of our hopes and dreams and plans will come to nothing.

On the other hand, if we consider only eternal things to be real, then forgiveness is not needed because eternal things cannot be destroyed and no action can affect what is eternally real.

It is only while we are in the middle that we need forgiveness. When we are tempted to believe that bodies are real, we make plans that involve the body. Then we become angry and judgmental when someone does something that disrupts our plans that involve the body. Forgiveness is needed in this case because we need to overlook what we thought was evil. This “evil” is not real in an objective, absolute sense because it depends on our thoughts about the supposed reality of the body and the importance of our plans concerning the body.

We are not a body. If we were a body, then we would have no reason for faith or hope or love, for these things are impossible when we think that we are a body that will die. Instead, what we are is the thought of love (spiritual union). Most of the time, we don’t believe that we are spiritual love. We have forgotten our reality. Forgiveness is for those of us who still believe that the physical world is real and has value. While we believe that the experience of being in the body can give us something we want, we become resentful when someone does something that prevents us from fulfilling our body wishes. However, when someone does something that disrupts our body plans, this action cannot be objectively and absolutely evil. We can see the action as evil and something to be condemned if we believe that our body plans should not be changed. On the other hand, we can see the action as something to be thankful for if we see it as a reminder that we are not a body and that we should focus on eternal reality.

Therefore, we have a choice. We can either focus on the body and think of our body plans as holy and something to be defended, or we can focus on the eternal and realize that all of our worry, fear, and anger have no foundation. Forgiveness helps us to go from the first perspective to the second. Once we have forgiven all of the “evil” that has been done to us, we will realize that that evil had no real existence. And without the existence of evil, we will know ourselves as the love that we all are.