The Purification of the Earth: From Fear to Love

Among native cultures, there are prophecies of the Great Purification of the earth. Among the world’s religions, there are other prophecies of the end of the age or the end of the world. What do these prophecies mean? In my view, there will be a purification and an awakening on the earth, after which there will be peace, harmony, and happiness on the earth.

What needs to be purified? Is it not our fear-filled and anxious minds? In the world, in recent years, there has been a dichotomy between native cultures and technological cultures. These two types of cultures, however, share a characteristic, which is fear. Both cultures relate to the world with fear. The statements that I make below are generalizations, and they do not apply to all members of these cultures. The fear of the native cultures is expressed in the overvaluing, worship, and propitiation of nature and life on this earth. Native cultures tend to overvalue nature because they fear losing their lives by not living in harmony with nature. Native cultures, because of this fear, have tended to practice blood sacrifices in order to propitiate their gods or the nature spirits. Fear, in technological cultures, is expressed in the devaluation, domination and disrespect of nature and natural systems. Technological cultures tend to fear nature and to believe that nature is an enemy that has to be conquered and subdued. Otherwise, nature will overcome and destroy society. Both cultures, therefore, have an unhealthy view of nature and the earth. Both cultures are afraid of loss, and both have their own ways of dealing with the fear of loss (of life, possessions, happiness, etc.).

If there is to be real peace and harmony in the world, this fear of loss must be purified or eliminated from our minds somehow. A Course in Miracles states: “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.” This is a simple statement, but what does it mean? It means that the part of us that is real, our spirit, cannot be threatened or destroyed. When we know this reality about our spirit–when we have no doubts about it–then we will have nothing to fear, and we can live in peace–on earth or in eternity. Jesus, the Christ, was killed and put into a tomb, but he rose from the dead. He showed us with a perfect example that life is eternal, that nothing can destroy real life. Those who put their faith in this example can realize that they have nothing to fear. They don’t need to fight for their lives or for the earth, in order to save themselves. As Jesus said, “Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth.”

Ironically, it is those who neither overvalue nor devalue the earth who will inherit it. If we overvalue the earth, we will fear losing our bodies or our ways of life. We cannot feel peace while we feel fear. If we devalue the earth and its inhabitants, we are devaluing our brothers, our equals. When we devalue others, we fear that we ourselves will be devalued in return. When we realize that we cannot be destroyed (that we are not really corruptible bodies, but rather incorruptible spirit), we will see a world in harmony and peace. At that time, we won’t fear our brothers–the earth and its inhabitants. We will feel gratitude for the chance to have loving relationships with everyone we meet. Our love will not be ruined by the fear of death or loss. Our love will spread throughout the earth, and our joy will increase without limit.