An Open Letter to the Oppressed People of the Earth

This poem introduces five ways of dealing with suffering.

Around the world, people are suffering
From hatred, attack, and plundering
But each has his own way of dealing
With the pain and sorrow he is feeling

The first way of dealing with oppression
Is to stoically endure the aggression
To grit one’s teeth and to brace
For the pain that one must face

The second way of dealing with abuse
Is to return the punches, and to refuse
To endure the attacks without
Trying to knock the abuser out

The third way of dealing with forceful whim
Is to feel that one is a superior victim
By suffering, one feels that one is better
And that one’s attacker will be a debtor

The fourth way of dealing with attack
Is to pity the one who strikes one’s back
To believe that the attacker will receive
Punishment for his acts, without reprieve

The fifth way of dealing with insults
Is to see that error has no results
The body that does hurt and ache
Does not of reality partake

This is the way that the mind does transcend
The suffering that does not seem to end
The mind that can transcend by forgiving
Will find a new peaceful way of living

The body cannot suffer without the mind
So the mind simply needs to seek and find
A way to cancel all thoughts of pain
That travel through the physical brain

The mind that does not cling to guilt or fear
Can overlook the past, and become clear
For the past and its errors do not exist
And only thoughts of love and truth will persist

So to the oppressed I say
Look with hope toward that day
When the past is canceled out
And peace and joy are felt throughout

You don’t need to feel the pain forever
You don’t need to hate the oppressor
You don’t need to feel superior to him
Or pity him for reaping his harvest grim

Be glad that creation is all the same
We all need to give up attack and blame
And when we conquer the darkness within
We will finally achieve the win-win