The UniMind and the Imminent Awakening of Creation

Are you ready for the shining world transparent
When the contents of your heart will be apparent
For the mind’s eye will see what is unblocked
And the secrets of the world will be unlocked
—From “The World Transparent,” by Alan Steinle

When they [your thoughts] have been sufficiently purified He lets you give them away. The decision to share them is their purification.
A Course in Miracles

I don’t claim to be the originator of the ideas in this essay. I am simply putting the ideas into a new form. The ideas come from the book A Course in Miracles and from many other sources, but ultimately they all come from one source—the Universal Mind, or what we can call the one mind or the UniMind.

In the same way, I don’t claim to have originated myself. I am an idea in the UniMind, and I am not a body. I am an extension of the UniMind, an extension of all that the UniMind is—love (union), knowledge, joy, and peace.

If we are the creation or extension of the UniMind, then why aren’t we aware of its attributes of love, joy, peace, and knowledge? It is because we have chosen to take a “detour into fear.” We have chosen to reject the reality of the UniMind. We have rejected omniscience (or, rather, uniscience, “the knowledge of oneness”) for the perception of individual parts. We have collectively chosen to perceive the universe as a multitude of unrelated parts. This is why we live in fear and loneliness. We have given up the union of all for the experience of living in isolation.

Ironically, we first had to collectively decide to separate before we could experience separation and isolation. Why we decided to separate is not something we can understand. It has no meaning. And when we decide to be aware of our oneness again, it will be as though our fragmentation had never occurred—it will be completely forgotten.

So, our current situation is one of fragmentation and isolation, but this is not our natural state. Our natural state is to be completely happy and satisfied with perfect knowledge. How do we regain this sublime state? We have to want it more than we want the now-familiar state of separation. We have become so used to being separate from each other that we find some comfort in it, and we have become afraid of the currently unknown state of oneness. However, we cannot forever exist in a fragmented state, for that is not the will of the UniMind, and neither is it our will.

At this point in the world, some minds are pulling towards fragmentation and other minds are pulling towards oneness. Those pulling towards fragmentation keep the separation going by attacking others in large and small ways. They attack others by judging, ridiculing, or putting down other minds and parts of the universe. Those pulling towards oneness forgive others. In other words, they continually try to put out of their minds all unloving thoughts. Loving thoughts serve to unify, while unloving thoughts promote attack and separation. There are no neutral thoughts. We are either promoting separation or oneness. Since love (union) is our natural state, all we have to do to return to love is to remove from our minds all hindrances to love, and love will exert its natural centripetal force to reunite our minds. In other words, it takes a lot of effort to maintain the separation through attack, but it only takes a small willingness to let love reunite us as one.

In this tug-of-war between love and attack, love will eventually win. In the end, everyone will be on the side of love, but within the world of time, some will return to the knowledge of oneness before others. When creation awakens (or, more precisely, when that part of the UniMind that denies oneness changes its collective mind to embrace oneness again), the earth will shift to a higher level of knowledge or awareness. However, those who still desire separation will move on to other realms until they are ready to give up their isolation and their fear of love. Those who still feel more comfortable in the dark will exist in the darkness until they are ready for more light.

The earth will become a sort of stepping stone to uniscience, or the knowledge of oneness. Those who still live in bodies will learn, little by little, that they don’t need bodies. The earth will be a sort of “ladder to heaven.” While any individual mind retains any residual fear of love, that mind will be able to experiment with different kinds of union until that mind is ready for the experience of complete oneness. For example, individuals in bodies will be able to share their thoughts telepathically with other individuals with whom they feel a safe connection. If an individual feels that he is getting too close for comfort, he can back off for a while and rest by himself. However, when he is finally ready to open his mind to complete oneness, he will leave his body behind and enter the heaven of oneness.

At this time on the earth, the separation of minds is the normal state, and we believe that we have private thoughts. However, when the balance of forces shifts from separation to reunification, there will be a big change in the circumstances of all individuals on the earth. This is not a reason for fear, for life is eternal. To leave one’s body is not to lose one’s identity. It is to potentially gain a much wider perspective and know one’s identity much more completely. Individual minds will go to the places that they feel most comfortable until they are ready for complete oneness and perfect knowledge. Within the perception of time, there are differences and temporary separations, but in eternity, time disappears into a oneness of bliss.