“You never ever loved me”

“The end of dreaming is the end of fear, and love was never in the world of dreams.” –A Course in Miracles

“Love was never in the world of dreams.” We are currently in a world of fearful dreams. Therefore, we do not know real love. What we call love is often only a temporary decrease in our feelings of worthlessness. We become temporarily happy and excited when another person likes to be around us, and sometimes we become addicted to this feeling and call this feeling love. According to A Course in Miracles, however, love is something that is whole, complete, unchanging, and inclusive. It does not ask for anything, but rather it gives everything to everyone. This is the love of God.

Have you ever experienced this kind of love in this world? Have you ever experienced love that does not change in this world? I doubt it. We might become angry or disappointed when we are unable to find this kind of love in the world, but we should understand that we are not currently able to either give or receive it. The key to finding the love that we are is to remove the fear that has blocked our awareness of love.

 “Fear arises from lack of love. The only remedy for lack of love is perfect love. Perfect love is the Atonement.” –A Course in Miracles

The Atonement is something that we will all accept in order to become aware of the perfect love that we are. The Atonement is the rejection of our illusions about ourselves, and the acceptance of the truth about ourselves. We have the illusions that we are a body, that we are sinful, that we will die, and that we must attack others or defend ourselves in order to be safe. Once we forgive ourselves for having these illusions about ourselves, we will know ourselves as perfect love. Then, we will know heaven and oneness.

Sin, or lack of love, is only a mistaken belief. It is the belief that what hurts one person can be good for another person. In other words, sin or evil is the belief that one person can benefit from the loss of another. These ideas are mistakes, or illusions. Eventually, we will realize that if one person loses, we all lose in some way, since we are all connected. The Last Judgment is our own final judgment that this mistaken belief about loss and benefits is a mistake.  We will let these illusions go and accept only what is true and good. Until then, each war, conflict, or competition serves to teach us that no one can gain while someone else is losing. For, while we attack others, we must fear that the world will take revenge. If we practice forgiveness, on the other hand, we help reduce the fear in the world and we get closer to the Atonement, or the awareness of perfect love.

 “You never ever loved me” –Leonard Cohen, from the song “Anyhow”

This quote is a statement of disappointment that one person could not find the love that he or she wanted from another person in this world. This is a common problem in this world because, at this time, we are not aware of perfect love. However, we do have a weak memory of heaven and the perfect love that we left behind. We will never be satisfied until we recover our awareness of this perfect love. Although we might try to find this love in other people or in new experiences, we will not know this love until we give up our illusions and find this love within ourselves, the love that we are.