You Can Reflect Heaven Here

In this world you can become a spotless mirror, in which the Holiness of your Creator shines forth from you to all around you. You can reflect Heaven here. —A Course in Miracles

What do we really want? Do we want joy or misery? Of course we want joy, right? Then why do we do so many things that cause misery?

God created us pure and guiltless, but we have chosen to see ourselves as guilty. Then we place this guilt upon others and attack them because we view them as guilty. We choose to see ourselves and others as sinful. Therefore, we want to separate ourselves from others to hide our own guilt or to punish others for their guilt. At the same time, we cannot bear to be alone. We are a contradiction of desires and are therefore insane. The choice to hold on to guilt and sin is the choice to be unhappy.

How do we get rid of sin and guilt? Surely, we cannot get rid of sin and guilt by claiming that we are sinful and guilty and reinforcing this idea. If God created us as eternally holy and guiltless, and if God judges us as being guiltless, then we are pushing away God’s gifts and God’s truth about what we are when we deny this. We still value guilt because we are afraid of the truth. We are afraid that the truth will attack us, so we try to hide in darkness. The alternative to the illusion that we are guilty is true vision and unified knowledge. When we collectively learn to reflect the love of our Creator to all of creation we will find joy. This love and joy is not something that we can currently comprehend because there is nothing in our experience that is similar in quality or strength.

Forgiveness is the undoing or reversal of the illusion of guilt. Forgiveness realizes that all apparent harm that we do to each other is not real. In other words, we cannot hurt or destroy what is real, although we can destroy physical things and we can choose to feel sorrow when these temporary things are destroyed.

We are all united by our Creator, and we are all characterized by the love that we and our Creator are. We cannot dissolve our feelings of guilt by placing them on another person, and we cannot find salvation and joy alone. We are either all guilty or we are all guiltless. When we choose to see all of creation as guiltless, and all of our sins as having no real effects, we will express real love and find true joy, and we will be eternally grateful to our Creator for what He is and what He has created.