What Do We Want?

“I want the peace of God.” To say these words is nothing. But to mean these words is everything. If you could but mean them for just an instant, there would be no further sorrow possible for you in any form; in any place or time…. The world would be completely changed, should any two agree these words express the only thing they want. — A Course in Miracles

Do I want the peace of God? Apparently, I don’t want the peace of God yet, for I still have sorrow.

This world believes in sacrifice and sorrow rather than the peace of God. Think about it–we believe that we have to work hard and suffer pain in order to earn happiness, peace, and rest. But when we finally get happiness, peace, and rest, we feel guilty or worried, and we focus on the further sacrifice we need in order to be happy in the future. Apparently, we don’t really want peace or happiness because our minds keep returning to sacrifice.

You might say that the world, as it is, requires sacrifice. This is only half true. The world depends on how we think. Thoughts–not physical forms–are the ultimate reality. If we change our thoughts, the world will respond and change accordingly. If we believe in sacrifice, the world will respond and require sacrifice. If we want peace, the world will respond with peace.

The problem is not in the world but in our minds. The world is difficult only because separation from each other is unnatural and difficult to maintain. We think being in separate bodies is good and that separation is our salvation. We judge others as being inferior, superior, or different from ourselves in some way, and this judgmental attitude continues and maintains the separation.

We can be of one mind while we are still in bodies, but eventually bodies will have no more use, and we will leave them without sorrow. At this time, we can use bodies to attack others and promote separation, or we can use our bodies to communicate with others. Separation is, in fact, an illusion. When forgiveness is complete and we choose the peace of God, we will wake up and realize that we are all one and that we have always been one.

When will we choose the peace of God instead of sacrifice and sorrow?