The Rebirth of the Collective Consciousness

This essay discusses the transition from a nightmare world to a world of Heaven on earth, a world in which the collective consciousness has been born again.

Now is the time of prophecy fulfilled. Now are all ancient promises upheld and fully kept… now we cannot fail. (A Course in Miracles)

A Course in Miracles and Traditional Christianity

In 2010, I discovered the book A Course in Miracles. This book has been a great blessing to me because it has answered so many of my questions regarding religion and life in general. The book claims to be one of many paths to truth. Not everyone will read the words of this book, but everyone will eventually learn what it teaches. The reason for this particular book, or path, is to speed up our progress and eliminate delays on the way.

A Course in Miracles (or the Course) uses Christian terms (e.g., God, Christ, Son of God, Holy Spirit, miracle, salvation, creation, atonement, etc.), but it uses these terms in a new way. The Course aims to correct the traditional Christian beliefs that have been keeping people from making progress for so long. What are these mistaken beliefs? Among them are the ideas that man is sinful, that God is judgmental, that sacrifice is necessary, and that the fear of God is our proper response to his existence. The Course, on the other hand, claims that God’s creation is forever innocent, that God is changeless love, that sacrifice is impossible, and that the extension of God’s love is our ultimate destiny.

We can see that, if we don’t live in fear of God’s judgment, we can be free to love others in a non-judgmental, accepting way. God is our eternal security, not someone who is always waiting around the corner to punish us.

Three Types of Awareness

According to the Course, there are three types of awareness: the awareness of the “world,” the awareness of the “real world,” and the awareness of Heaven. The world and the real world are both part of our dream, but Heaven is what we will be aware of when we wake up from the dream. The world and the real world are both based on perception (we see what we want to see), while Heaven is based upon unified and complete knowledge (that which is ultimately true).

At this point, most of us are aware of the world. This is the world in which scientists tell us that it is normal and natural for beings to kill and/or eat each other. This is the world in which we judge and attack and try to stay separate from each other. This is the world in which we are afraid of peace, joy, and love.

According to the Course, the “real world” is the world we presently see, but after it has been completely forgiven. The real world will be a world at peace, one in which we will cease to attack ourselves and others for our perceived mistakes. We will have learned that what we really are cannot be threatened or destroyed, and thus we will have lost our fear of death and bodily harm. We will have realized that we are indestructible spirits and that we are only temporarily using a body.

After we have entered the real world, we will hardly have time to thank God for it before he takes the last step of bringing us back into Heaven, our true home. What Heaven is, we cannot say, for our words are merely symbols, and they cannot encompass the ineffable.

Life in both the world and the real world is basically a dream because it is based on changeable perceptions rather than on changeless knowledge. However, before we return to Heaven, we will have a taste of Heaven on earth, and we will exchange this world of nightmares for the real world of happy dreams.

From Nightmares to Happy Dreams

How will we get to the real world of peace and joy from the present world of chaos and misery? According to the Course, “communication is salvation.” However, as long as we practice judgment and attack, and do not forgive (or release the past), we will fear to share our “private” thoughts. We believe that we can keep some thoughts private, and share others, but that is not how reality works. In reality, we are all one and we share everything with everyone. However, we currently choose to believe that we are separate from each other and that we can keep our thoughts from others. Interestingly, the idea of separation had to be shared before it could produce the world of separation that we live in. Now we are separate by consensus, but the time will come when we give up the fear of sharing what we are, and this will be the time that the real world will appear. Our thoughts don’t have to be pure before we share them, for our sharing of them is what makes them pure.

Therefore, the future “real world” of Heaven on earth will come when we are willing to share all that we are, when we are willing to communicate completely. However, we will not be willing to communicate completely until we have completely forgiven all mistakes and ceased to judge and attack. Our task in the world is to heal the world through forgiveness. We need to forgive ourselves and others for what we haven’t done. Reality cannot be threatened or destroyed, so the only thing we can destroy is part of our dream, and this destruction is repairable and thus ultimately inconsequential. So, we haven’t done anything that is ultimately destructive and, therefore, there is really nothing to forgive. However, since we still feel guilty and since we still judge and attack, we still need to practice forgiveness in order to purify our thoughts and emotions.

After the world has been completely forgiven, we will share everything with everyone in a life of spiritual unity. We will develop powers that we don’t usually have nowadays. We will be able to communicate by thought with humans and other forms of life. We will be able to interact with and influence nature with only our thoughts, and we will live in harmony because we will know–at a deep level–that the “other” beings are one with ourselves. We will know that what is good for one is good for all, and vice versa. Instead of having a collective consciousness that promotes separation and attack as the “normal” way of life, we will have a collective consciousness that promotes spiritual unity, trust, and cooperation as the new norm.

Are you ready for the shining world transparent
When the contents of your heart will be apparent
For the mind’s eye will see what is unblocked
And the secrets of the world will be unlocked
(From “The World Transparent,” by Alan Steinle)

In the transition from this world to the real world, there will be some distress that comes from adjusting to a new way of life. In the Bible, Jesus is recorded as saying that the next age will be preceded by a great tribulation. He compares the tribulation to birth pangs, and the next age to the time of joy when a new baby is present. The woman who gave birth will forget the pain when she is able to experience the joy of a new life.

The transformation that has been slated for these times will not be without a certain measure of birth trauma, for the collective consciousness is being born anew. And, with that process goes a measure of discomfort, the pain and agonies of bringing forth the Essence of Life Itself into form.
(A Journey to Oneness: A Chronicle of Spiritual Emergence, Rasha)

During the transition, many beings will leave their bodies behind and move on to other realms. It is possible that some will return to the earth after the real world has been established. However, those who leave and those who stay will all eventually learn that, as the Course says, “I am not a body. I am free. For I am still as God created me.” In other words, we are spirit, and we cannot be limited by a body. We are still the eternal idea of love, for God created us by extending the love that he is.

Inside, everyone is the same
We all forever hold love’s flame
And when we see that this is true
The world will harmonize anew
(From “What Is A Man?” by Alan Steinle)