The Only Thing We Need To Learn

The only thing we really need to learn is what we are. What we are cannot really be described in words but, to put it simply, we are unlimited spirits of love. All our fear comes from believing we are something else.

We currently believe that we are bodies, and we believe that our bodies are always subject to many threats and dangers. We do many things to protect and provide for our bodies. We put on protective clothing, we live in climate-controlled buildings, and we eat and drink when we feel hungry and thirsty.

When we are not able to protect and provide for our bodies, we sometimes become fearful or angry. We become afraid that we will be injured or that we will die. We become angry when we think that someone has taken away our ability to live the life that we want. We make enemies because we want someone to blame for our problems and lack of satisfaction. This is the normal condition of humans.

Is there another way for humans to live? Yes, there is. If we could eliminate our fear and anger, we would have a peaceful world. If we knew how powerful our spirits are, we would not worry so much about our bodies. We could enjoy and take care of our bodies without being afraid of injury or death. This will happen when we learn what we really are. When we learn that we are eternal spirits of love, we will see this world as a playground, where we can temporarily experience being in a body, and not see this world as a desperate and competitive war zone, in which the body must be defended at all costs. When we realize that what we are cannot really die, we will experience the unlimited joy and love that we are.

What do you believe? You probably believe what you find easy or comfortable or convenient to believe. Someday, we will actually know without a doubt what we are, but belief and faith now have roles to play. The conversion of the world from one ruled by fear to one ruled by love will come about because people have faith in what they cannot currently see. This faith is powerful and will change the world completely. How soon do you want to wake up and learn what you really are?