Seek But Do Not Find

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) says that the command of this world is “seek but do not find.” Why don’t we find what we want or need in this world? The following ideas may sound strange to you, but they might help us to come closer to the truth of our situation. ACIM says that God is love, and that God creates by extending himself. Therefore, we are also love, being God’s creation or extension. God’s creation of love is one, and we are all connected.

If we are love, and we are one, then how did we get to be in such a frustrating and unsatisfying world? ACIM says that at one point we had the insane idea that we had taken God’s power and gone against his will. We believed that we had sinned against God and we forgot to laugh at this crazy, ridiculous idea. This idea is ridiculous because God, being who he is, is all-powerful, and God’s will and our will are one. Since we began to believe in sin (meaning, error that cannot be corrected), we began to fear that God would punish us and we tried to hide from God. ACIM calls this our “detour into fear.” This world is our attempt to hide from God and become separate individuals. However, in the attempt to become separate, we became more fearful because we now believed that we had really and permanently destroyed the unity of God’s creation.

Since we took this detour into fear, we believe that we are separate, and the fear that we feel blocks the love that we are. Since we are eternal and we are love, we will never be completely satisfied with this world of separation, time, and fear. How do we leave fear and return to love? As ACIM says, this is a group project. Since we are one in reality, every effort we make to become more aware of the love that we are affects everyone else. To become more aware of the love that we are, we need to forgive (meaning, overlook) all of the errors we think we see in ourselves and in others. Once the forgiveness of God’s creation is complete, this world will disappear, and we will experience the love and joy that are our nature and right. Until then, we will think that happiness will come as a result of external things that happen to us, and we will seek happiness but we will not find it. Thank God that our return to love (our salvation) is something that will surely happen.