Love and Light

What is the source of your life? What sustains you? What keeps you alive? Will you live forever? Do you want to live forever? Can you endure eternal life with yourself? Can you endure eternal life by yourself?

In order to achieve reconnection with the Soul of the universe, one must first integrate or unite one’s own being. The Soul of the universe, the One I call God, exists to enjoy experience. In order to experience the joy of reunion, God divides into a multitude of connected but apparently separate beings. Love is the mysterious power that holds all of the parts of the universe together. Love is a force that includes all good things and actions. Love is the ultimate motivator, meaning, and end of life. Love can be experienced in an infinite number of ways and from an infinite number of angles.

If love is so great and widespread in the universe, then why is it sometimes lacking? Fear is the main obstruction to the flow of love. Other factors include envy, greed, and anger. Fear is often caused by unwillingness to deal with oneself. If we have sown imbalances in the universe by recklessly hurting others and living with a mindset of duality, we become fearful. We know very well (even if we don’t admit it to ourselves) that we will reap what we have sown. The longer we refuse to face the hurts we have created, the more fearful we become. If we bravely repent, surrender our proud egos, and admit that we are not independent beings, we can be redeemed or reunited with the Soul of the universe. This repentance or renewal of the mind must happen regularly if we are to have a continuous connection with the One. Only those who willingly give up their self-centered, separate lives can be embraced and supported by the love of the One. Those who make this “leap of faith” no longer fear death because they are confident that death is not the end.

In the present state of the earth, widespread ignorance keeps us from seeing how our actions affect ourselves, others, and the Whole. When the light of knowledge increases, we can either let our lives be changed by its renewing effect, or we can cling to our ignorance and thereby hold ourselves and others back. In the same way that it is often difficult to wake up in the morning, it can be difficult to wake up to new knowledge. It can be a shock to our system. The light can hurt our eyes. We might cry out in pain or resentment, “Just let me go back to sleep!” However, if we deny the knowledge that is in front of us, we will eventually be unable to live on the earth. Those who do integrate the knowledge of cause and effect—the knowledge that the universe is perfectly just—will be able to live in harmony, while those who cling to their ignorant selfishness (me vs. him, us vs. them) will find no place of security. Those who give up their lives for the good of the Whole will be embraced and renewed by the Whole. Those who do everything in their power to preserve their physical lives will ultimately lose what is most important to them—their physical lives.

On the earth, spiritual knowledge is increasing at an ever-faster rate. There will soon be a time when this increase of knowledge reaches a critical point. At that time, those who are ready to change and who accept and integrate new knowledge will find their lives renewed. Those who are unable or unwilling to change will not be able to endure the brightness of the revelatory light and will leave the earth. Whether they will accept the light in eternity is an open question.