Heaven Is the Goal

Heaven is the goal. Heaven is the awareness of creation’s oneness with itself and with the Creator.

In this world, we see separate bodies. In these bodies, we are attracted to the guilt of the “special relationship.” The special relationship is a relationship in which two people seek to love only each other and exclude the rest of the universe. However, it is impossible for love to be limited, and when we try to limit love, we feel fear and guilt. When we are in a limited and limiting relationship, we begin to hate the one that we are supposed to love.

This world was made by the desire for separate wills and thoughts and by the desire for special love from a special person. However, oneness does not know of separation or specialness. It knows of only union and sameness. The alternative to the special relationship is the holy relationship. The holy relationship is a special relationship that has been transformed and freed by love to embrace all of creation. The holy relationship is not limited to the body, but rather allows all of creation to be joined in the circle of oneness.

As long as we value what this world offers, which is the opposite of what heaven offers, we will return to this world. Once we have learned that what we really want is what heaven offers, we will come to this world only to help others learn to value what heaven offers. This world, which we made with our desire to be separate, can be a classroom in which we learn to see and value differently.

The healing of creation is our true purpose in this world. Limited by time, we cannot see the big picture, but if we learn to listen to the guidance of the “Holy Spirit” rather than the guidance of the “ego,” then we can speed up the healing of creation. Since we are all connected, our healing occurs together. In order to heal, we must change our way of looking at things. This change can be disorienting at first because we must give up our previous fixed worldview of separation before we can accept a new worldview of oneness. Sometimes, it takes discomfort to motivate us to look for a new way of life. This discomfort will, in the end, be seen as a blessing because it led us to choose what we really want. What we want is heaven. In other words, we want to know our oneness with each other and with our Creator. This, and only this, will allow us to be aware of love and lasting happiness.