God and God’s creation are in a state of unbroken communication and knowledge. However, we, as God’s creation, can be unaware of this natural state of communication with God. God is love, and we, as the extension of God, are also love. However, at one point we believed that we had successfully attacked and hurt God, and we began to feel sinful and guilty. This belief in sin includes the idea that there is a will separate from God’s will. If God’s creation can really act in opposition to God, then God can be weakened and overthrown. However, if God and His creation share one will, then the idea of sin against God is merely a mistake, a mistake that can be easily corrected.

The belief in sin, guilt, and fear made the ego possible. The “ego” is the desire for separation. The ego believes that separation and attack make the individual strong. The ego also believes that union and love are signs of weakness. Therefore, the ego uses the “communication” of the body to prevent real communication. The ego uses the body and its words and actions to block real communication. The ego promotes confusion, deception, and attack to keep God’s creation splintered into apparently different beings and wills. The body is the symbol of this apparent separation. The ego believes that private thoughts and wills are possible and desirable. However, God’s creation is not happy while it follows the ego’s directions. God’s creation can only be happy when it knows itself as God created it. God’s creation can learn to know itself by deciding to follow God’s guide, the Holy Spirit, rather than deciding to follow the ego.

God’s creation can know itself by giving up judgment and accepting forgiveness. Judgment is an attempt to attack creation. Forgiveness realizes that nothing God created can be destroyed or even changed. Therefore, the belief in sin, guilt, and fear are completely unjustified since no one can destroy God, eternity, or love. God creates by extending himself. God and his creation are love and always will be, but we, as God’s creation, can be unaware of this fact. The continual communication of God and creation is a source of eternal joy. We can return to the awareness of this state of joy by ceasing to judge. When we stop judging, we become free from the fear of being judged. When we are no longer afraid of being judged, we can begin to communicate freely, without the need to confuse and deceive and promote separation with our words and actions. The body is a tool of the mind. The body can be used to disrupt communication, or the body can be used to promote communication. However, once we realize that the mind does not need the body to communicate, the body will be laid aside, and creation will be joyfully reunited. Then creation will know itself as love and experience the bliss that is its natural state. This is a state of innocence and strength, not a state of guilt and weakness.