Another Way

There are two emotions: fear and love. If we hold on to guilt, sin, and fear, we will transfer this fear to others and receive fear from them. What we give is what we receive. What we cherish is what we try to find. The “ego” is the part of us that tries to keep us separate from others and separate from God. The ego tries to keep us separate by making us fearful of others. However, fear is nothing compared with love. Fear is a small wrinkle in the fabric of the universe, a wrinkle that does not really exist. Love is the reality, a reality that is eternally undisturbed.

There are some things that keep us unaware of love’s reality. One of them is the belief that we are a body. This belief causes much stress and grief. If we are a body, then we will die, and all of our efforts will come to nothing. If we believe that we are a body, then we are between a rock and a hard place. We have to do everything to maintain the body for as long as possible while knowing that our efforts will end in defeat. Can anyone completely believe that he is a body and still have the will to do anything? Some people try to believe that science will find a way to make the body last forever. Other people simply try to put death out of their mind. Still others are attracted to everything that is related to death and they feel that they can become comfortable with death by being close to it all the time. However, as long as a person identifies with a body, he will feel discomfort.

Another way of viewing the body is to think of the body as a useful vehicle. A vehicle can be used for adventurous journeys. It can be used for leisurely Sunday drives. Or it can be used to take us to the corner store. But in the end we abandon the car for the comfort of home, where we can finally relax in peace and safety. In the same way, the body can have many functions. If we see the body as merely a temporary vehicle, we will not make the mistake of overvaluing the body and then hating the body for what it cannot do for us.

While we overvalue the body, we tend to fear death and we hate others for making us feel vulnerable to death. Everyone becomes a possible enemy because everyone has the ability to harm our body. We have come to treasure the body and separation over the spirit and communication. The body’s means of communication can also make us feel separate. When we choose to see sin instead of innocence and mistakes instead of love, we become defensive and often try to cut off communication with various people.

As we try to cut off communication, we create complex systems and ways of dealing with others. Our societal systems have adapted to our need to be separate. We are able to conduct business with money. We don’t need to even see the person that we are doing business with. We never even know the people who use the products we manufacture. We don’t have to show appreciation, and when we do say, “Thank you,” it is often very mechanical. We have locks on all of our doors. We get what we think we need to make us happy or to maintain our body, and we let others take care of themselves. We show affection only when we think we can get something from another person.

Is there another way? When we let go of our fear–our fear of death, our fear of communication, and our fear of God–we will experience the love that we really are. This process of letting go of fear is a process that is shared by everyone. By its very nature, it is not a process that one person can accomplish alone. When this process is accomplished, we will no longer see sin and guilt and fear. Instead, we will be love and peace and joy. We will give up seeing–an act in which there is a distance between the one who sees and what is seen–and we will embrace being–a state in which communication exists in unbroken wholeness.