Your Salvation Is Not Far

This poem tackles several themes from A Course in Miracles.

Though mistaken you have often been
You have never committed a mortal sin
For a mortal sin would condemn you to hell
With no release, as you seem to know well
But all your errors can be undone
By the Holy Spirit, one by one

You must learn yourself to forgive
If you would really intend to live
For the guilt that you would make true
Will always come back to haunt you
And you cannot attack another with hate
Without fearing the world will retaliate

But truly there is only one of us here
And when you deny this you live in fear
Bodies are the symbols of separation
As are the lines between each nation
When you realize that you cannot be saved alone
You will understand that your body is on loan

For your body only serves to teach you
That through a body no one can reach you
But since our minds are already united
All illusions of the body will be righted
And illusions are what you will keep
As long as you desire to remain asleep

But if you do not fear to share what you are
You will find your salvation is not far
But if you try to keep for yourself a small part
You will close the door and lock your heart
For when you try to gain and keep a little piece
You attempt the impossible and have no peace

The truth is that you have what you are
And all that you have is never far
For everything in the universe is yours
For God gives it all to whom He adores
And you are His created and beloved child
On whom He has always gently smiled

And if you desire to always increase
Your feelings of love and joy and of peace
You will not see yourself as limited to form
For what is real you don’t need to reform
For real is what you will see, feel, and be
When you leave your illusions and let them go free