What Is Forgiveness?

This poem is based on the Workbook lesson titled “What Is Forgiveness?” This lesson can be found in the book A Course in Miracles.

Forgiveness is the recognition
That sin is but an apparition
It does not make real the sin
It sees that sin has never been
Forgiveness sees a brother’s deed
Is only a sign of love’s need
It does not try to make a sin real
And then this sin attempt to heal
It sees that sins are only illusions
For reality is not involved in sin’s confusions
And if a Holy God really does exist
Then sin’s reality must be dismissed
For God and sin cannot both be true
For they deny each other, through and through
Forgiveness sees creation as it is
It is innocent because it is His
Forgiveness sees the falsity of sin
And lets it go so love is known again
And when the mind ceases to judge and assess
The will of God will come and only bless
An unforgiving thought starts a cycle of pain
And makes the mind go slowly insane
These thoughts of judgment are not doubted
Though they should be examined and thoroughly outed
These thoughts are closely guarded from reason
For to give them up would be a type of treason
The mind that does judgment choose
Must all other thoughts quickly refuse
This mind attempts reality to change
And attempts all order to rearrange
It must work hard to preserve its view
For reality would its worldview quickly undo
So it frantically destroys each different thought
And avoids all opportunities to be taught
But forgiveness is always quiet and still
It does not try the truth to kill
It does not really do anything
It does not to any judgment cling
Instead it waits to hear God’s will
For nothing else will truly fulfill
So do nothing and let forgiveness show you
All that your Guide wills that you do
For forgiveness is His function and yours
Until He to heaven His creation restores