What Is A Man?

This poem says that man has an inner core of love, and an outer appearance that changes.

What is a man that we might know his being?
Perhaps our beliefs about him are not freeing
For with our knowledge of his past deeds
We try to predict him as he proceeds

Does a man have a nature set in stone?
Is he a monad, in this world alone?
Is he separate from all other men?
Do interactions have no effect on him?

Or is a man like a sponge with holes?
Is he influenced by all surrounding souls?
Does he always change from day to day
With new experiences on his way?

Maybe each man has an inner core
That has never changed before
Maybe around the core there are changes
Begun by energy exchanges

The core is every man’s real soul
Which is always connected with the whole
But each man projects an outer face
That seems this real soul to replace

Since man has forgotten his soul
He feels he has to play a role
He has others’ expectations to meet
So he must his daily habits repeat

But if man could remember his soul
He would not doubt his true role
If his outer deeds and looks changed
Others would not become estranged

If we could see others with true vision
Differences would not create division
We would see the love at the inner core
And we would know them as never before

Around the nucleus of man is energy
That dances and flows with synergy
And when the flow is not obstructed
The inner love is easily conducted

To free the outer energy flow
We must forgive everyone we know
If we could our judgment suspend
We might understand our good friend

Love that does not keep a record of wrongs
Is the love for which everyone longs
But if we see only others’ past actions
We will be misled by many distractions

If we see only man’s outward side
We will see a place for sin to hide
But if we see the love within
We will see what has always been

Inside, everyone is the same
We all forever hold love’s flame
And when we see that this is true
The world will harmonize anew