The Light Does Not Condemn You

This poem deals with several themes from A Course in Miracles.

To escape from the guilt, fear, and pain
That continually attack your weary brain
You must take one small step ahead
And leave for an instant all your dread

While you hold on to your guilt and blame
You will not your inheritance of joy reclaim
To regain what is your sure right
Bring all your thoughts into the light

At first you will fear to admit
The mental errors you commit
You will condemn yourself for each
Dark area that the light does reach

But finding the light does not condemn you
You will bring your errors to what is true
And the truth will quietly dispel each illusion
And release you from all your dark confusion

And the judgment that you fear to face
And the rejection for which you brace
These are only the outward projections
Of your unforgiven imperfections

But the gift of forgiveness is something
That in the end is viewed as nothing
For what you really are
Your errors cannot mar

Your real self is eternally whole
And you will your Creator extol
When you find this to be true
And see yourself anew

So on the day that the light comes
And this light all your darkness plumbs
Release your fear of condemnation
And accept with joy God’s affirmation

For God created you as His perfect child
Although you thought that He reviled
You for each of your imperfect thoughts
And all your broken shoulds and oughts

The truth is that mistakes cannot
Dim God’s love or place a blot
Or stain upon your eternal soul
Which even now does remain whole

And now your soul awaits the day
When your mouth does not betray
What is really in your heart and mind
When all your thoughts have been refined

For communication is your given right
And when creation does with joy unite
All your dreams of darkness and of pain
Will be forgotten and will not remain