Seven Short Poems

These poems address some ideas presented in the book A Course in Miracles. The form of these poems is called a Limerick.

Can it be that I see nothing today
Although the whole world is on display
For I see only the past
And all beings are classed
With those that I saw yesterday

I see nothing as it is right now
My vision seems to stop at my brow
For this table and chair
Your face and your hair
The past does their truth disallow

Although I am determined to see
I have no idea what will be
When I open my eyes
They will show my surprise
For the past and the future will flee

Our thoughts of attack
Have made our life black
But by changing our mind
We’ll awaken and find
That reality is finally back

I’m not the helpless victim
Of the world’s passing whim
The thoughts I select
Are what I elect
I can choose to be happy or grim

If only my thoughts can hurt me
I must choose to wake up and see
That your act
Is a fact
But my thoughts make it what it will be

If my thoughts are the shots that hurt me
Then I should learn it good and agree
That your act was a fact
But the tact that it lacked
Is what I do supply and do see

If my mind is a part of God’s mind
Can I really look within and find
The power to repeal
Anything that is real
Or destroy something that God has designed?