Relationships: Illusion And Reality

This poem is about love and the attempt to limit love.

Is a relationship a way
For a person to play
With another’s heart
And then to depart?

Or can one speak a vow
That is able to somehow
Make a bond last forever
No matter the weather?

Are we looking for too much
Or are we just out of touch
With the way things really are
When we search for a star?

To feel special we need
Someone who has agreed
To feed our ego’s pride
And to always provide
The words we want to hear
Whenever we’re near

Can we for one have affection
While others face our rejection?
Is this human exclusion
Based on love or illusion?
For if we now hate one
We can truly love none

And love becomes a myth
We tell the one we’re with
While we silently resent
The past ill-intent
That has entered our lives
And still cuts us like knives

For all this is love gone
As we wearily go on
With our work day to day?
Do we throw hope away?

Or is there a solution
To all this confusion?
Yes, if we could forgive
Then we would really live
If we could forgive the past
We would find love at last

For the illusion of sin
Is the prison we’re in
And the guilt we project
On others has the effect
Of depressing our life
And creating new strife

So love can’t really be bound
By those who think they’ve found
Love in their special relations
Between humans or nations
For love knows no borders
And will not take orders
From those who try to limit it
To those whom they see as fit

So we will not feel
That love is truly real
Until it spreads throughout the earth
And the fading pain of rebirth
Is only a distant dream
And joy is the theme
And all those around
Are with glory crowned