Other People

This poem is about the heaven and hell of relationships.
Hell is other people.
–Jean-Paul Sartre

Hell is other people who
No matter what you do
Always find something to judge
They drag you through the sludge
And see through your thin disguise
As they shred you with their eyes
All their faults and lack
They place upon your back
Unable to see their own transgression
It becomes their only obsession
To find all of your flaws
And all your broken laws
And they won’t even let you live
Because they refuse to forgive

Heaven is other people who
No matter what you do
Choose to see the best
In you and forget the rest
They don’t dwell on your sin
Since they want all to win
They don’t create divisions
By their prideful derisions
Of those with whom they differ
For they know that the transfer
Of their own guilt to another
Will come back and smother
Their efforts to be free
And their search for unity