On The Road To Emmaus

This poem is an interpretation of part of the Bible (Luke 24:13-32). In this part of the Bible, two of Jesus’ followers are walking on the road after Jesus was crucified. They are sad because they thought Jesus would save them from the Roman occupation, and they did not know that he had come back to life. However, when Jesus meets them on the road, they do not recognize him. Jesus opens their mind to what the scriptures really mean. When Jesus stays to have a meal with these two, he breaks the bread, and at that point they recognize him.

At a humble pace
We kept on walking
Towards another place
And continued talking

We discussed the news
About last Friday’s death
And we shared our blues
About our Savior’s last breath

But we met this strange guy
Walking along the road
And before he could pass by
Our feelings overflowed

He did not seem to know
Of the past days’ events
So we told him our woe
And what it represents

We had put all of our hope
In one man of great power
But the end of our rope
Came at a single dark hour

We had hoped he would save
Our land from the empire
For we had become a slave
To a foreign king’s desire

Our land is ruined by taxes
Our laws, usurped by decrees
But this man’s words were like axes
Aimed at the roots of the trees

But our hope was crucified
And we all ran away
We all left his side
Filled with bitter dismay

Then we told this man
About an amazing tale
That some women who ran
Disclosed to us in detail

They said the tomb was void
And that the angels spoke
But we cannot avoid
Thinking it’s all a joke

When we went to the tomb
We saw that it was clear
There was just an empty room
But our Savior was not near

Then this strange guy said
How foolish you both seem
Your Savior is not dead
Although he might be unseen

Didn’t he have to die
As he told you before?
And didn’t he live to defy
The death that you abhor?

All these words were turning
Over in both of our brains
And our hearts started burning
As he sowed his words like grains

As he walked with us to town
He explained to us the word
He gave us both the lowdown
Like we had never heard

And when we reached our end
He seemed ready to go away
But we asked him like a friend
That night with us to stay

So he consented to remain
And have a meal with us
We were glad we could retain
Him and continue to discuss

But when he broke the bread
Our eyes were opened wide
Our Savior is not dead!
With us he does abide!

And at that time, not later,
He disappeared from our sight
But it was a holy mealtime prayer
We regained our hope that night