On Self-Defense

This poem says that the body is not real and that, if we defend the body, we are essentially believing that we are a body and that we can be destroyed.
If I defend myself it means I believe
That the attack is real that I receive
But only a body can give and take
Attack when the mind is not yet awake
When I make defenses, I am mistaken
And have not yet found a peace unshaken
If I defend the body I think is me
I have not yet let my spirit be free
The spirit cannot attack nor be destroyed
For it has always truth and freedom enjoyed

The world believes in weakness and attack
Notice the rules and laws, and the guns we pack

But if I defend my myself, I live in fear
What I fear becomes real and doesn’t disappear

But it is only my mind that can fear danger
When I try to defend dust, what could be stranger?
This body of dust needs no care nor defense
But great demands on it require pain’s expense
For if I see the body as a useful tool
It will not suffer and I will not be a fool
I will simply use it to communicate
And then lay it aside early or late

When I defend my body, I attack my mind
For then my body and mind become entwined
And my mind takes the limits of my body
And I see my mind as temporary and shoddy

If my mind were healed, I would not make my own plans
I would know that only the One all knowledge spans
I would depend on the One for wisdom’s cues
And I would not my limited and little plans choose
I would know that I am forever secure
For the One’s plan does everyone’s good ensure

But when I make limited plans my body and mind
Are falsely defended and my good is undermined
And my mind becomes enslaved to my designs
While my body of dust shows sickness’s signs
For when I base my future plans on my past
I become stuck in habits that can’t be surpassed

My defenses prevent me from the truth seeing
And I’m not able to know the reality of my being
The only defense that I need is to trust in the One
For His wisdom and goodness cannot be outdone

Hell requires sacrifice and pain
And in choosing it I will never gain
But heaven makes no demands of me
It only wills that I wake up and see
That without defenses, my joy and might
Keep growing stronger in the Great Light