This poem puts the fifty miracle principles into verse.

All miracles are the same
Glad expressions of love’s flame
Although diverse to the body’s eyes
They do not vary in degree or size
Miracles in themselves mean not a thing
Unless we know from Whom they all spring
The love that inspires these natural deeds
Is the real miracle, from which all proceeds
Miracles proceed from God’s gift of life
And serve to remove all of our strife
And God does precede you wherever you go
To reveal all that you ever need to know
True miracles happen without any of our planning
For we are too busy with allowing and banning
With God’s power, miracles will become routine
Although their effects are sometimes unseen
Miracles are natural and to us they belong
And when they are absent it means something is wrong
Miracles are really a God-given right
But first we must be cleansed by His true light
In eternity we are always whole and entire
But in time we feel the need to acquire
A miracle in time gives to those who seem to lack
But the giver always gets some good thing back
The world’s laws are by a miracle reversed
And the giver does not need to be coerced
For to supply another’s temporary need
Increases joy all around and eliminates greed
Miracles are not given to you to perform
So another’s beliefs will to yours conform
These words just serve to underscore
That this is not what miracles are for
When we have accepted love from our Creator
By communicating through our quiet prayer
This love is expressed through a miracle revealed
For love that is shared cannot be concealed
Miracles are thoughts that can take two routes
The lower thoughts make the physical fruits
While the spiritual is created by higher thought
The level on which the eternal is wrought
Miracles serve to change the world of time
In the present they are rebirths sublime
Which go back only to undo the past
So that the future will be free at last
Miracles are witnesses to truth eternal
From inner conviction to effects external
Without conviction, men resort to magic
Which is mindless, destructive, and therefore tragic
Miracles should be performed every day
Until the time when time melts away
For time is simply our current learning tool
And it will end when we graduate from school
Miracles teach that the one who does provide
For another does not his own strength divide
But the lives of both, in fact
Are richer by the giver’s act
Miracles rise above the body’s realm
And let the Spirit take the helm
In this way healing is achieved
And invisible power is received
A miracle is the most you can give someone
And this gift of love cannot be outdone
For your love for each other and your worth
Are confirmed by this miracle on the earth
Miracles confirm that minds are one
For they require the unity of God’s son
Miracles are eternity’s confirmation
For the sonship is the sum of His creation
Miracles help us to recognize
That the healing power in us lies
Not in our bodies but in our spirit
Where truth comes when we don’t fear it
A miracle is forgiveness’s true sign
When receiver and giver in you align
You receive from God all that is good
And give it to another as you should
Miracles are sometimes fearful to your sight
Because you believe you can hide from the light
You think that what cannot be seen with human eyes
Does not exist and that miracles are all lies
Miracles see levels in new relations
For sickness comes from confusing these stations
And healing results from seeing things anew
With a perspective that notes only the true
All that is real is created by light
Everything else is a dream of the night
Since you made sickness and you also made death
These nightmares have only the weight of a breath
And when you decide that they no longer have use
They’ll fade like a vapor when you watch it diffuse
Miracles add links to the chain of forgiveness
And this chain guides all creation to coalesce
And when all time is encompassed by this chain’s scope
The Atonement will be complete, creation’s one hope
The Atonement undoes all of our fear
An undoing that miracles help to bring near
A miracle given from God through me blesses everyone
For the forgiveness I receive is withheld from no one
Miracles are the means to achieve a fearless state
And revelation is the end for which we all wait
Miracles are a way to praise God through affirmations
By honoring the perfection of all of His creations
A miracle sees that when a creature links his identity
With a body and not with spirit he loses all serenity
A miracle looks on spirit and corrects perception
To communicate by direct transmission and reception
Miracles should bring about gratitude
A truly thankful view and attitude
For miracles reveal what you really are
As God’s child you are holy and without mar
Miracles are really all intercessions
That I inspire through your expressions
For miracles purify all of your perceptions
By transcending your bodily misconceptions
For you are perfect in your spiritual state
And physical laws cannot this fact negate
Because you are love, miracles honor you
And perceive the light in whatever you do
Miracles remove illusions and set your mind free
Nightmares are gone and you recover your sanity
Miracles restore the mind’s full power
So that there is no reason at all to cower
Miracles atone for all your apparent lack
So nothing can hurt you nor even attack
Through miracles your love is always reflected
Though you cannot always see what is affected
Miracles reveal that your mind
Is with God’s truth truly aligned
A miracle is a correction
For your false perception
The atonement principle becomes your guide
To restore knowledge as healing is applied
The Holy Spirit sees both illusions and creations
And separates the truth from the fabrications
The Holy Spirit shows that error is unreal
For the light that comes does darkness repeal
A miracle sees all brothers united as one
For unity is the reality of God’s only son
Miracles see in creation only a wholeness
And lack is overcome with a certain boldness
Miracles give strength to dispel isolation
And remove the illusion of deprivation
Miracles arise from a state of readiness
When the mind is given a certain steadiness
Miracles reveal an awareness from inside
That Christ’s Atonement has all things supplied
A miracle may be hidden but never is lost
You might not know whose path it has crossed
A miracle may reach out to countless men
Though you may not know how, where, or when
Miracles are a form of communication
Only surpassed by direct revelation
A miracle is only a temporary aid
For communion with God is where hope is laid
All miracles help us to learn
That time itself is not our concern
For miracles reduce our need for time
So we advance faster to the sublime
With a miracle we can time modulate
But revelation does not to time relate
A miracle sees no differences between mistakes
But works until all minds the Spirit awakes
The miracle comes from the last judgment’s wake
When you compare with creation all you did make
For the last judgment is only your final decision
To keep only the true as seen with your new vision