I Am Fascism

This poem is a personification of the principle of fascism. It is dedicated to those who have suffered under fascism at any time or place.

My M.O. is to always tell lies
But for now I have dropped my disguise

My will is to destroy, steal, and kill
I have never loved, and I never will

I am not willing to have any friends
For they might oppose my private ends

I would never die for a friend
Much less mercy to a foe extend

Softness is a sign of the weak
Those slaves who turn the other cheek

Through time, my strength grows tough, then abates
And now I grow strong in the United States

Democracy is my mask today
So few see what is underway

I have perfected the war of the blitz
And I protect myself with preemptive hits

Drones are my first line of attack
And I always have to watch my back

Never mind if the innocent die
Kindness would just give me a black eye

I use every weapon that I can get
From fire bombs to schemes of debt

The weather and storms are just tools
I use to amass the helpless fools

If physical torture doesn’t achieve my ends
Science and technology my power extends

I can use a mind control technique
And into another person’s brain speak

And if he doesn’t follow my will
I will not hesitate to kill

After I have consumed my foes
I will my own house oppose

I will destroy my own people at last
For I’m bloodthirsty and I do not fast

But I will come to my end lying on my own bed
For what I have done will fall on my own head

The people will rejoice to see that I am through
For what they couldn’t achieve, I myself will do